Monthly Specials on Recording at Bear Bones Studios
Monthly Specials on Recording at Bear Bones Studios


If you record three or more songs with Bear Bones Studios, you'll get 20% off your bill! Use the code #BBSSPRINGSUMMER

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Bear Bones Studios, Hip Hop, Rock, Country, Pop Recording in Louisville, KY
We here at Bear Bones Studios pride ourselves on being the top dogs in a very competitive field in the recording arts in Louisville, KY.

Whether its your first time recording, or you're a seasoned pro, Bear Bones Studios is ready to help you from writing to recording to mixing to mastering! If you're a Hip Hop or Rap Artist and are in need of a beat or Instrumental, we've got you covered. We offer FREE BEATS or Premium Beats produced by our in house beatmakers. Hip Hop Songs are not just our specialty, and we don't just stop at rap. Our recording studio in Louisville Kentucky is equipped to handle the largest or smallest band wether it's your demo or fully produced polished record.

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Hip Hop, Rock, Country, Pop

Bear Bones Studios in Louisville caters to real artists, and we bring an array of music experience to the table.
Here's a short list with what we do:

  1. Hip Hop Rap Recording

  2. Acoustic Acts

  3. Rock and Roll

  4. Cover Songs

  5. Instrumentals

  6. Country

  7. Metal

  8. Pop

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